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3 fantastic cars on show red white and blue


Mk1 Capri 3000E top of the range      

The luxury Capri was the 3000E.  It was launched in March1970.  for the luxury market the Capri had most of the XLR options as well as a vinyl roof and a pushbutton radio, it also had an electrically heated rear screen and opening rear quarter windows.  Inside the car boasted seats with cloth inserts, much more comfortable on a hot summers day.  Price was £1,600.   


 This car was one of Ford of Britain's fastest ever road cars.   Ford claimed the maximum speed  was 122 mph.   Production of the 3000 E ended in July 1972


In April 2007 a 3000E was sold for £10,000, and the value of these cars keeps rising 2016 now in the region of £35000 for a showroom condition car