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3 fantastic cars on show red white and blue

For Sale

Club Sales  all prices are  + post and packing

Side stripes for 3000GT RS3100 with the shaped front end. In stock red/white or black  but other colours available to order  


Capri Mk1 - items that go in the engine bay on  the inner wing


Techno labels

                               1.3/1.6 xflow silver  £4 
                                     13/1600 cross flow techno


                               1.3GT/1.6GT yellow  £4
                                     GT Techno  

                                                 V4/ V6 silver £4 each

                                    V4/V6 techno labels

                                       Coolant label £3

                                                             Negative Earth  £3


                               Negative earth      


Capris with twin headlamps only

Electrical wing sticker  £2.50


Goes on the wiring harness

Wiring harness label £2.50 

 wiring harness

Wiring harness clips grey 10 for £5.00


Goes on the rocker cover
                                                      1.3GT/1.6GT rocker cover decal £2.75

                                                     1600 rocker

1.6HC/2.0HC rocker cover decal £2.75   



Goes on the slam panel
Bonnet stay rest white £3.50


Side trim fixings
Side trim clips black 10 for £6.00

Repro  wing  'L' badge £15

1 pair only original oblong E Badges £60


Goes on the sill
Repro Ford sill badge chrome blue £18.50


Other bits

Water pump fit facelift 1972 onward £35
Brake canister non- servo £40

Brake cables 8"  £15

Choke cables various  £25


Repro Bonnet stop rubbers set 4 £44

                                               bonnet rubbers  

  You need these to stop your bonnet rattling - fits  under the bonnet and  along the rail of the wing where it meets the inner wing

Workshop manual,  Parts manual and more all on 1 CD £20 

This is one item the Capri Mk1 owner should have as it gives masses of information at your finger tips.

 As its on computer pictures can be enlarged and/or printed out.


Club pen £1

Club key ring various Capri pictures Capri £1


NEW in stock - Black Key Ring with Black /Silver Ford Capri font in center  offer price of £6 each


Engine Bay Labels  for Mk3 Capri


            Mk3 coolant label white   £4

                                       Mk3 white
                                                    Mk3 coolant label yellow   £4     

                                                             mk3 red

OHC cover label        £1


                                                mk3 ohc


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